All most over………

•May 26, 2010 • 3 Comments

The school year is all most over. It is so cool. Next week is our last week, but next Monday we don’t have school then when we come back we head to camp then we come back on the 3rd. Then Friday is our LAST DAY… I LOVE IT. I will also miss this school.


D.A.R.E Report.

•May 20, 2010 • 3 Comments

What I have learned in DARE is to always say No to drugs and to be violence free. If you do drugs you will want to keep doing them and you will never want to stop using them. Also if you drink there is a chance that you will never be able to stop. If you can’t stop then you need to get some help. Some other things that I have learned is that there are about 3,000 non smokers die of lung cancer.

This is what I learned and why it is important. I learned to never drink and drive. If you do drink and drive not only can you hurt your self but you can hurt or kill someone else. The impact that this had on me was what it’s like to see on TV where there has been a crash that has killed people and to see the people’s family on the news and how they are very, very sad that they lost someone that they loved. So that is why I will not drink or drink and drive.

Some more things that I have learned is to never do drugs like marijuana because it can be addictive. It also has more tar in smoke than in tobacco. Marijuana users have an increased risk of cancer. Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more of some cancer causing chemicals than tobacco smoke. Marijuana is illegal in the Untied States.
The impact that this had on me is I don’t want to die for a long, long,long time. Also I don’t want do anything illegal. I also don’t want to get cancer.

This is what I have learned and I will use it in in my every day life when ever I grow up and get offered drugs and things like that.

I, Makayla Pledge to be drug free, and to always say NO to drugs and to make wise decisions.

Stuck in the 70’s……….

•April 26, 2010 • 2 Comments

What would you do if you found a girl in your bathtub? Would you keep her a secret and not tell your mom and dad if so your like Tyler in stuck in the 70’s When Tyler woke up at 2a.m he found Shay in his bathtub. Will Tyler tell his mom and dad or will he keep it a secret? Shay thinks that she is still in 2006 but Tyler tells her that it’s 1978. Will Shay ever get back to 2006 or will she be stuck in the 70’s forever? Would you lie and tell them that she is a friend from school or would you tell truth?This book has a lot of love and suspense so if you like any of those then you will love this book as much as I did.

A very good book…………………….

•April 1, 2010 • 2 Comments

Have you ever read a very good book if so you’ll know just how I feel,  here is a very good book that I have read this year.Annie’s Baby

Annie’s baby is my favorite one that I read was Annie’s Baby. The reason that I liked it was because it was full of lies and some times it had some love .But if you have had something that you could not tell anyone then your like Annie she never told anyone that she was pregnant .

Post for the readingworkshop

•March 27, 2010 • 2 Comments

Someone that I think should be included is Hadley. I think that Hadley should be included because she helps anyone in her path. The person that she helps the most would be Erica. She helps Erica just by doing little things like opening Erica’s her locker and things at lunch. It makes me happy to see people doing things for people.   It makes me happy to see that people just care.

Why I want to read more……………..

•March 20, 2010 • 2 Comments

In Money Hungry the thing that made me keep reading is Raspberry and her mom never had a good or safe house to live in so they lived on the streets ever since Raspberry was five or six. Another reason that I wanted to keep reading is that Raspberry of friends so I wanted to see if they stood by Raspberry the whole time or not.

The other reasons that I wanted to keep reading is because I wanted to see if Raspberry  and her mom got a safe, good and clean house. Some more reasons that I wanted to keep reading is I wanted to see if Raspberry got the 200.00 back that she gave to a friend.  The book written by Sharon Flake. It is a really good book.

Money Hungry Book Talk

•March 18, 2010 • 1 Comment

Recently, I did a book talk for The Reading Workshop about Money Hungry written by Sharon G. Flake.